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PPMP is a company providing services primarily in the areas

of production, management, design and theatrical events.

We rely on our extensive experience in the field, acquired over our years of activity on this market. The combination of this experience and our diligent effort and exertion has made us one of the most sought after companies operating in this segment on the Czech market.

Not only are we proud of the projects authored by us, connecting visual concepts with fascinating special effects, perfect sound design performed and produced in the highest possible quality and exactly in accordance with the vision of our clients, but also of projects carried out in accordance with already existing production and design manuals which, instead of creativity, more demand the 100% reliability and supervision of the work produced from the standpoint of ensuring its conformity with the concepts and with the level of quality of the project.

We also provide services in the area of consulting activities in the areas of PR, marketing, budgeting, promotion, fundraising and grants.




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